NetBeans Ruby 6.9 Plan


  • Index only the gems that are actually used
  • Improve the indexer so that it can better handle "dynamically" included methods (e.g. method added by an included module using Module#append_features).
  • Show more info on methods in the documentation pop-up, e.g. access level and in which gem the method is defined
  • Make code completion and navigating works based on the what files the currently opened file requires
  • Smart code completion for certain Rails methods, e.g. in
render :action => 'action_name'

the IDE should complete valid action names in 'action_name'.

  • Continue work on type inference and change refactorings to take use of it
    • Type inference for parameters
  • Hints update, e.g. hints for newly deprecated APIs
  • Improve AST sanitizing - helps editing features to work better when there are errors in the source.


  • Rails 3 support
    • Depends on when Rails 3 will be released
  • Support for opening a Rails application directory w/o having to create a project
  • HAML + SASS support



  • support for Cucumber
  • Re-run failed tests (i.e. all failed tests, re-running an individual failed test is already possible)
  • keep up-to-date with the latest versions of RSpec,Test/Unit,Shoulda
  • consider supporting Test/Spec
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