Ruby Language Demo Demo (5 Minutes)


This demo introduces the dynamic nature of the Ruby language to the audience

Product Versions Supported

NetBeans 6.0

Points to Hit

  • Code completion and integrated RDoc
  • Pair matching
  • Live code templates
  • IRB Integration

Demo Prep



NetBeans 6.0 isn't even at Beta, so anything could go wrong :-)


Ruby Editor

  1. Create a new Ruby Application named Blog in the root of your user directory (it will be quicker to find using IRB)
  2. In main.rb, add the following:
  3. Type cl and press Ctrl+Space to show the code completion and RDoc. Show how you can navigate to the Ruby source. Select class and then complete the rest of the class:
  class Blog
    attr_accessor :title
    def initialize( title )
      @title = title
  1. Point out the Rubyisms:
    1. end instead of closing brace (and it was pair matched for us)
    2. attr_accessor instead of getters and setters
    3. def for method definitions
    4. @ marks an instance variable
  1. Save the file.


  1. Start the IRB (from the top of the Window > Other menu)
  2. b = 'Ruby Blog' ) (fails)
  3. load 'main.rb' (fails)
  4. Dir.pwd (note you can use tab completion here)
  5. Dir.chdir( "Blog//lib" ) on Windows or ( "Blog/lib" ) on UNIX
  6. load 'main.rb'
  7. b = 'Ruby Blog' )
  8. b.title

Method Missing & Metaprogramming

  1. Add the following method to main.rb (hint: put the code in a template):
  def method_missing( method )
    puts "There was no #{method} method, but please try again."

    Blog.class_eval do
      define_method  method do
        puts "Hello from the #{method} method."
  1. In IRB, load main.rb
  2. - returns "There was no post method..."
  3. - returns "Hello from the post method."
  4. Another way to add methods (do the following in IRB)
  class Blog
    def add_comment
      puts "Comment added"
  1. b.add_comment

Demo Cleanup

  • Delete the Blog application
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