Code Ideas

This document lists possible projects to work on - both large and small. This is definitely not a definitive list; if you have other ideas, feel free to add them here.

How to Start

First, you should make sure that you're not duplicating work - so let somebody know if you're planning to work on one of these tasks. If you're not sure you want to "commit" to finishing anything and just want to play around a bit at first, you can of course work on it in secret until you get further along - just don't be upset if somebody else is doing the same thing and you're both ready to contribute competing solutions.

The place to discuss everything is You can either subscribe to the alias directly, or access it via the web or via a newsreader.

It might be a good idea to discuss your ideas there first.

Next, get familiar with the code. A great way to do that is to look through the bug list and fix a bug or two in the area related to the code you want to improve.

There is also a RubyCodeOverview document which outlines the Ruby IDE code.

There is also a RubyParticipation document which describes any additional steps needed to contribute your code into - such as license information etc.

Build The Code

See RubyBuildInstructions for instructions on how to check out and build the code.

Code Ideas


  • First, see the list of requested enhancements in the issue tracker for NetBeans. The various issues will have additional information about what the filer is after.
  • Hints and Quick fixes: These are ideal starter-projects since they are fairly self-contained to write. I've moved the list of specific hints
 we need into a separate document,  RubyAddHints, which also provides a simple set of instructions on how to get started writing hints.
  • Improved unit test display ("green bars") etc. Currently the testing support mostly consists of running unit tests in the output window.
  • Additional refactorings: This is possible but a bit tricky at the moment; I'm planning some code cleanup such that this will be a bit nicer.
  • LOTS of things should be added here; this document is a bit of a placeholder at the moment

Rails Specific

  • Teach code completion about database models (by inspecting the migrations files)
  • Improve database integration

Other Languages

  • Better YAML support
  • HAML
  • Better DRYML / Extract tags from current documentation


There are some other areas that the Ruby IDE support depend on that also could use contributions

  • Improve the keybindings, particularly on the Mac such that they conform to the Mac standards. Similarly for the Emacs keybindings.
  • Improve the color themes (there are several bundled ones now), or contribute new ones.
  • Subversion support: It's currently using command line tools to talk to subversion, but it would be nice to rewrite it to use the java subversion libraries directly
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