Code Coverage Support



Code coverage is fully integrated with the editor: When coverage data is enabled coverage data is shown in the editor you're working in:

You can also view a coverage report with statistics for the whole project (and double click to jump to the relevant file). On JDK 6, you can click on table headers to sort by that column:


To use the code coverage support with rspec instead of test/unit tests you need add the following either to or (located at <project-dir>/nbproject):


There is one catch though: unlike the RSpec Test action in the project node, the code coverage test action will never invoke the spec task, but runs all the spec files in the test roots of the project, i.e. something like

'spec spec/**spec.rb' 

-- essentially the same what the RSpec Test action does when there is no 'spec' task in the project. This is because our rcov wrapper can't handle the spec task as it is; the spec task provides its own means for rcov integration. In the future I need to change the wrapper to better hook into rcov so that it could handle this case as well, then we should be able to run also the spec task for code coverage.

More information

More information as well as videos showing code coverage in action is available from these two blog entries:

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