NetBeans Ruby 6.8 Plan

This document is a draft

This documents lists the tasks for 6.8 in the Ruby area.

Minimum (2 people full time)

The following lists the things that we need to do to keep the IDE relevant in the Ruby space:

  • Keeping the IDE up-to-date with the latest versions of platforms and frameworks. Many Ruby frameworks have fairly aggressive release cycles and more often than not new releases are not backward compatible.
  • Rails 3 support. Rails 3 is a major upgrade and will need significant changes on the IDE side. Rails 3 final should be out in Q3-Q4/2009.
  • Platforms: JRuby, Ruby. This includes keeping the debugger backend working with the latest releases.
  • Testing frameworks: RSpec, Shoulda, Test/Unit, RCov.
  • Servers: GlassFish, GlassFish Gem
  • Others: Rake, AR-JDBC
  • Cucumber and HAML support
  • Both are getting more and more popular and many users have been asking for these.
  • At least basic support for 6.8
  • Estimated effort: 1-3 weeks, more for sophisticated support
  • Relatively simple but useful enhancements such as:
  • Run with arguments
  • Run any file (now the IDE needs the file to be part of a project)
  • Estimated effort: 1-2 weeks
  • Editing improvements
  • Type inference, in particular performance. TI in 6.7 is too slow in certain cases and needs to be optimized. Once it is completed, refactoring is one area that can build on top of it to provide more exact refactorings (in subsequent releases).
  • Estimated effort: 2-3 weeks
  • Bugfixing
  • Extra time in addition to standard bugfixing cycles for keeping P3 count and hence the overall quality under control.

Full (3 people full time)

In addition to the minimum variant:

  • Java integration. Depending on how deep integration we will aim for, this task can potentially take a lot of resources.
  • Code completion for Java classes
  • Navigation to Java
  • Proper debugging support for Ruby<=>Java
  • Estimated effort: 3-8 weeks.
  • Track RubyMine features
  • RubyMine 1.0 was released a while ago and new releases are already in the pipeline.
  • Estimated effort: It is difficult to estimate how much resources this task would take, depends on what they come up with and what we decide to implement in NB too.


Instaed of Cucumber and HAML support + Editing improvements we may want to do Java integration in the minimum variant if we want to focus on the JRuby platform.

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