The current implementation of the Database Explorer node tree suffers from a large number of problems that continue to lead to issues being filed. Due to its implementation, we've often found that addressing an issue will introduce new bugs. Our analysis has found that the current implementation doesn't follow proper usage of the latest NetBeans APIs for Nodes and Node Trees. The current approach also exhibits a number of timing and thread safety issues that are extremely difficult to solve with the current code base.

A mechanism is needed that allows other modules to add both nodes and actions into the database explorer node tree.

Many of the outstanding issues against the explorer will be resolved by this effort.

Use cases

1. NetBeans users find the database explorer node tree UI behavior to be consistent with other node trees in the IDE.

2. Module developers use standard and familiar layer file, along with a simple public API, to add nodes and/or actions to the db explorer.


The database explorer node tree will be rewritten to conform to proper usage of the NetBeans Nodes APIs.

A mechanism will be put in place that uses layer file entries to define the database explorer node tree structure. Any module that needs to add nodes and/or actions to the node tree will be able to do so by adding the appropriate entries to their respective layer file. The database module itself will use the same approach to defining the base tree and associated actions. This approach follows the common practice used throughout the NetBeans code base, and will prove familiar to module developers.

A simple public API will be added in support of this mechanism.

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