Resource Bundle Editor

Resource Bundle editor is a grant project developed by Denis Stepanov. Editor is designed for managing all localized property representations from one window.

Editor works in post NetBeans 6.5beta builds


  • Two modes of displaying properties:
  • All keys from the resource bundle
  • Keys are hierarchical displayed as a tree where keys are grouped by a separator
  • Option to choose one of three separators ".", "-" or "_"
  • Editing all property representations from all locales in one window
  • Supported operations on properties:
  • Tree mode: cut, copy, paste, delete, duplicate
  • Flat mode: delete, duplicate
  • Editing comments
  • Warning icon on properties with empty locale value representation

Planned Features (Not implemented in the grant project)

  • Move property action
  • Comment/Uncomment property action
  • Saving properties in property files in sorted order
  • Find/Filter properties

User Guide

Open Resource Bundle Editor

Right click on a properties file and choose "Resouce Bundle Editor"

The plugin looks for .properties files derived from the filename of selected file.

e.g. would open files like: - - - - - - etc.

Editor actions

  • Tree/Flat - switch between tree and flat view mode
  • Expand all - expands all property groups when viewing properties in the tree mode
  • Collapse all - collapses all property groups when viewing properties in the tree mode
  • Create - creates new property with the key from the text field
  • Search for the property key - type property key into the text field

Property actions

  • Duplicate property - right click on the property and choose "Duplicate" action and enter new property key

Tree mode actions

  • Copy, Cut, Paste - you can use right menu actions or use default keyboard shortcuts
  • Delete property - use default keyboard shortcut (Del)

Edit property representation

Select property and you can edit all property representations from one window. Comment window can be opened using small button on the top of the property representation text edit field.

Properties without value in one of locale representations

There are displayed with a little warning icon. In the tree mode if property group contains property with an empty value it will be displayed with warning icon also.

Resource Bundle Editor Options

You can select here the tree mode separator, one of ".", "-", "_".



Project is hosted in the NetBeans contrib repository under name properties.rbe


The plugin is available at Plugin Portal

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