Simple Report Exceptions Project


Reporting exceptions that are thrown in NetBeans is very uncomfortable for external users since they are required to open browser go to Issuezilla and report exception via web interface and also they should enter required info like operation system, module, version of java and attach stack trace. Some users complained this heavy process on their blog. Therefore, we decided to start this project and try to resolve this issue for NetBeans and make error reporting super-easy.

Goal and Use Cases

The goal of this project is to simplified reporting error for external users and also reduce number of duplicate bug's reports in our database. The supported use cases are described below:

  • NetBeans registered user can report exception directly from error dialog.
  • Before reporting simple check is done to find direct duplicates.
  • The module creates report with user's NetBeans build number, operation system and stack trace.
  • The report is sent to dedicated database for processing
  • It's verified that bug really isn't reported yet.
  • Since the new database will be use, QE team should perform migration of these reports in Issuezilla and map these reports to IZ bugs manually/automatically.
  • The data in this database can be used for error analysis.


The module architecture is based on java.util.logging package used in Netbeans. It adds a hander on Netbeans logger and filter exceptions. When an exception rises error manager is shown and user has a possibility to report an issue. One more logger and few listeners are attached to Netbeans, to trace last user's steps, which should help QE and developers to find steps how to reproduce an issue. Only the NB registered user can send the report to servlet, that process the report and save it to database. When a report is processed and it's status is found user gets an E-mail about it. See overall architecture:

File:klient_server_ReportExceptionProject.png\ specification for Web tier

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