Remote Application Client for NetBeans 5.5


Accessing EJB Beans on local Sun Java Application Server 9.1 was described in NetBeans Enterprise Application Client tutorial. In this article we show, how to successfuly create and run application client on remote server.

  1. Create Enterprise Application Client for JavaEE5
  2. Create new Sun Deployment Descriptor in Server Resources (keep implicit values)
  3. Open newly created sun-application-client.xml and check Eligible. Save
  4. Edit nbproject/private/ wa.copy.client.jar.from=C:\generated\xml\j2ee-modules
  5. Copy sun-acc.xml from {local glassfish instance}/domains/domain1/config to {project root}
  6. Edit copied sun-acc.xml: Change <target-server name="{localhost name}" address="{localhost}" port="3700"/> to <target-server name="{remote server name}" address="{remote server ip adress}" port="3700"/>
  7. Edit nbproject/private/ j2ee.appclient.tool.args=-configxml "C:\Servers\glassfish_v2_b24\domains\domain1\config\sun-acc.xml" to {}
  8. Downloading the Solution Project
  9. Creating profile
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