Release Staging Checklist

This page lists all of the things that have to happen at major milestones in the release staging cycle:

Release web content staged

All docs supporting the release should be on the staging server in their final versions - NOT DRAFTS at this point. That means:

  • Engineering/QA has provided all known issues and system requirements for the release notes to the docs team and these have been integrated in the release notes. Each engineering team should provide input to their docs rep.
  • Docs have updated installation instructions and engineering/QE have reviewed.
  • Docs and marketing have updated the main release page.
  • Docs has staged all of the tutorials for the release and updated the docs index pages.

The week after this milestone is for sanity-checking, adding any last-minute bugs to the known issues, and fixing broken links. It is not for writing new content or rewriting existing content.

Release web content final

All docs have been sanity-checked and are final. Any last-minute known issues are integrated into the release notes and checked.

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