NetBeans 5.5.1 Integration rules

What to do when you need to commit into release551 branch and your module is one of those in High Resistance mode?


  1. release551 branch is in High Resistance mode with the exception of enterprise pack.
  2. Everything committed must be tracked in Issuezilla.


  1. P1 and P2 bugs of High Resistance modules have to be evaluated in timely manner for show stoppers. Only show stoppers or fixes required by enterprise (Gavotte), support of AS 9.1 and c/c++ (Mars) will be fixed.
  2. If bug is a stopper it must be fixed in trunk first. In a case code is no longer available in trunk verification needs to be done using a patch.
  3. Fix of such a stopper must be verified before it can be committed in release551 branch. Explicit signed review is required.
  4. Email is sent to with following required parts before commit into release551:
  • Subject: 5.5.1 IZ IZ bug id:IZ summary text
  • Body:
      1. Integrator: Joe Coder <- real committer name here
      2. Reviewer: Bob Coder <- reviewer of the changes
      4. Short description of the problem
      5. Description of the solution (link to diff in other CVS branch is great but mostly not sufficient alone).
      6. Potential problems of the solution, if known (honest). (e.g. can this change break something for modules which worked correctly on top of 5.5?)
      7. List if and how the change affects localization (UI, messages, OLH)
  1. Wait 24 hours for possible objections, questions for clarification,... Such discussion NEEDS to happen in IZ bug for better tracking.
  2. If there are no objections then commit to release551 branch can be done.
  3. Issue is marked with 551_HR_FIX in Issuezilla when committed.
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