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This project aims to create a simple and easy to use all-in-one Netbeans plugin for helping developers in all aspects of working with regular expressions in NetBeans, including learning, building, testing, debugging, visualizing, profiling, analysing, organizing, searching and sharing regular expressions.

About this project

This project started off as the "RegExPlugin", v0.1, which won the grand prize in the Sun Microsystems Code for Freedom Contest in 2008, under the Netbeans Plugins Category. The plugin is developed by Angad Singh, the Sun Campus Ambassador of JIIT University, who was later interviewed by Netbeans Community. Read the blog post about the Code for Freedom Contribution

An proposal for enhancement of the module won the Netbeans Innovators Grants Award in the small project category, and it's development is currently underway.



Check out the screencast made for the 0.1 release, when the module was submitted for the Code For Freedom Contest. The screencast was featured on Netbeans.TV. Watch the Netbeans.TV screencast!

Get the Sources

The development source code is maintained at the Netbeans Contrib Repository under the "regexplugin" folder. Get Mercurial and run the following command to clone the repository:

# hg clone

To get release sources, visit the Files section.

Stay Connected, Get Involved

  • Subscribe to the project's mailing lists for updates, development-related and usage-related discussions.
  • Check out the announcements section for news related to the project
  • Head over to the project's wiki for end-user documentation, release notes, project design documents, etc.
  • Report any bugs or feature requests in the project's issue tracker. You may also file an issue in the NetBeans bug tracking system, IssueZilla, at For Regular Expressions Support Module issues, select the "regexmodule" component.

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