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New Usability Features

  • Image:yes_EditorPlan68.png Issue 48427 Integrate Refactoring Undo with Editor Undo and Local History (2 months)
  • Quick Refactor Menu (1 month)

New Refactorings

Enhanced Refactorings

Other Features

  • Issue 204453 Productize Server Side Queries (Remote Find Usages and Go To Type)
  • Static Code Analysis (FindBugs, PMD, ?)

Infrastructure Improvements

Necessary for keep quality of code, maintainability, avoid code duplication

  • Issue 204451 Cleanup Java Hints module, separate jackpot and java hints module (3 weeks)


no deliverables for 7.2

  • Improve Refactoring Errors (Programmer-Friendly Refactoring Errors. In submission to Transactions on Software Engineering. Emerson Murphy-Hill and Andrew P. Black.)
  • Refactoring for concurrency - Very current research topic
  • Issue 56726 Generify refactoring
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