Architecture of RCP development with OSGi bridged to NB module system

This document presents how the users will be able to develop their RCP applications mixing regular NetBeans modules loaded at runtime by the NetBeans module system with OSGi bundles loaded at runtime by Felix.

The green boxes in the following figures represent new project types (actually a new module project template for Ant and new project archetype for Maven) and the green arrows show which new dependencies between modules/bundles are introduced in NetBeans 6.9.

RCP app development with Ant

The new project template "Module using OSGi" can include an OSGi Bundle Activator class which allows the code of this project to call OSGi APIs via the Bundle Context it gets from the runtime. The green arrows show that the Module using OSGi can depend on any random existing OSGi bundles and also on NetBeans modules living on the other side of the bridge at runtime.

Regular NBM Module project can now also depend on any OSGi bundle.

RCP app development with Maven

User will now be able to add a dependency on any random existing OSGi bundle from his NBM Module. It will be also possible to create and develop a general purpose OSGi bundle (the green box in the figure) which will be able to include an OSGi Bundle Activator and to call OSGi APIs.

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