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JavaOne REST Support Engineering Plan

This is the engineering plan for RESTful service support in !NetBeans 6.0 preview for !JavaOne. All tasks listed jere are to be completed for !NetBeans milestone 9. There will another plan for post-JavaOne (milestone 10).


The main requirement for !JavaOne is to support generation of a complete REST application from a set of entity beans (generated from a database using the existing persistence functionality). We will also support generating plain container-containee resource beans from scratch. It would be good to support test client generation but it is not a must. --- Vidhya. There will be simple test client generation for !JavaOne specifically on unit testing the RESTbean.

Functional Specifications

Here are a couple of wiki pages on the usecases and entity-to-resource mapping:

Default Mapping of Entities to Resources

JavaOne Demo Use Case Document

More documents will be added as they become available.


The following is a list of tasks we plan to complete for !NetBean 6.0 preview for !JavaOne:

  • Demo-focused use-case document with main user view screen shots.
  • Investigate generating JAXB classes from the entity classes using JAXB annotation.
  • Implement RESTBean generation from patterns.
  • Implement generating RESTBeans from entity beans.
  • Enable REST support in web project, i.e. build script changes, RESTful service nodes, actions, etc. (Nam)
  • Implement test client generation. (Ayub)
  • V -- Integrate Amazon S3 client lib (Ayub)
  • V -- Integrate Google maps client lib (Ayub)
  • V -- Integrate sample project to be used for javaone. Determine DB to use, build a static web app that uses the generated RESTBean to do CRUD on the entity beans (Ayub)

QE Plan

Testing REST Services

Documentation Plan



  • REST implementation in SWDP


*Date* *Task* *Owner* *Comment*
3/15/07 Usecase document Nam Nguyen completed
3/15/07 Investigate JAXB generation Nam Nguyen completed
3/30/07 REST-enable web project Nam Nguyen
3/30/07 Code generation from patterns Peter Liu This and the next task will be completed together
3/30/07 Code generation from entity beans Peter Liu
3/30/07 Test client generation Ayub Khan completed
3/30/07 Integrate 3rd party client libs Ayub Khan Google maps completed
Integrate sample Ayub Khan

-- Main.PeterLiu - 15 Mar 2007

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