Task List


The following is a list of tasks we plan to complete for NetBean 6.0 preview for JavaOne:

  • Demo-focused use-case document with main user view screen shots.
  • Investigate generating JAXB classes from the entity classes using JAXB annotation. (Nam)
  • Implement generating RESTBeans from entity beans. (Peter)
  • Enable REST support in web project, i.e. build script changes, RESTful service nodes, actions, etc. (Nam)
  • Implement test client generation. (Ayub)

Here are the remaining tasks for JavaOne from highest priority to lowest:

  • Define javaone scenario and generate demo sample (Vidhya/Ayub/Peter - )
  • Clean up the creation wizard. (Ayub - 4/6)
  • Only support "Add All" and "Remove All". We will defer selecting individual entity beans until after !JavaOne.
  • We need to add a progress bar during code generation because it can take awhile.
  • Resolve deployment issues. (Nam/Vidhya - 4/18)
  • Generate update 4/6, create/delete support. (Nam/Peter - 4/11)
  • Http PUT Support
  • Http DELETE Support
  • Http POST Support
  • Hacks to deploy to Tomcat 5.5.17
  • Need to investigate whether it is possible to deserialize directly into to the entity beans via the converters. Otherwise, we need to generate code to copy data into the data from the converters to the entity beans.
  • Generate queries to look up entity beans with the following URI format: /containers/item
  • Incorporate the transaction work from David. More specifically, generate an utility class that provides methods for creating entity managers, transactions and other things we don't want to repeat in the generated classes (keep things DRY).
  • Generate query to look up an item in a collection instead of iterating through the collection. (Peter)
  • Generate schema from the converters so the test client can use the schema to generate input template for creating and updating resources. (Ayub)
  • Create skeleton container and item resources. (We may punt this for JavaOne if we run out of time.) (Peter)
  • Current cheatsheet for REST testing.
  • Review feeback from Todd
  • J1 REST Demo for SWDP, NetBeans, EntPack Pods.


The following is a list of tasks to be completed post JavaOne:

  • ATOM support
  • Many to Many relationship
  • Test client to include generate sample xml docs to be used for POST
  • Wizard to support adding entities selectively in addition to Add All/Remove All
  • Add support for JSON, HTML, etc. (TBD)
  • Classcast exception issue
  • REST-api-aware smart code completion. (TBD)
  • Debugging support. (TBD)
  • Enable HTTP monitoring. (TBD)
  • REST documentation support. (TBD)
  • Schema migration support (TBD)
  • Add support for amazon S3 with jets3t API
  • Component library for calling into value add services
  • WADL support to handle dynamic resources and mime type
  • Complete UI specs with story board, use cases and user views.


-- Main.PeterLiu - 07 Mar 2007

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