Post NetBeans 6.5 REST and SaaS Features

The following is a preliminary list of features for post NetBeans 6.5 in the area of REST and SaaS.

  • Improve support for adding new SaaS services to the Web Services Manager (P2)
  • This should help shift the responsibility of adding new services away from us to interested third parties.
  • We need a SaaS module editor for helping developers create SaaS service modules that can be installed in the IDE.
  • It would also be nice to implement a WADL visual designer similar to the XML schema designer. This is to alleviate the pain of writing WADL files by hand.
  • Time estimation - 3 - 4 weeks
  • Support additional languages for consuming SaaS services (P2)
  • For 6.5, in addition to adding support for PHP, we did major refactoring of the SaaS support modules to make it easy to add support for additional languages. Possible languages are Ruby, JavaScript and Groovy.
  • Time estimation - 2 weeks for each language
  • Add editor hint support for JSR-311 (P2)
  • This feature is already available in IntelliJ IDEA 8
  • Time estimation - 1 week
  • SaaS Support using Jersey's client API (P2)
  • Here are the advantages for switch over to the Jersey client API:
  • No longer need to generate our own RestConnection and RestResponse classes
  • Better abstraction and functionality
  • Will support HTTP connection pooling once that's available in grizzly.
  • Time estimation - 1 week
  • Add support for YouTube (P3)
  • YouTube support was yanked from 6.1 at the very last minute because it switch over to a new authentication model similar to the one used by Facebook and Flickr. We would like to add it back in.
  • Time estimation - 1 week
  • Expand support for Amazon Associate Service (P3)
  • Our current support for Amazon Associate Service is very limited. In addition, Amazon has greatly expanded the service.
  • Time estimation - 0.5 week
  • RESTful Web Service Visual Designer (P3)
  • Add a visual designer similar to the one for WSDL-based services
  • Time estimation - 3 weeks
  • Security(KeyChain) Manager for SAAS services (P2)
  • create Centralized KeyChain manager for SAAS Services exposed in Netbeans (similarly as in Zembly)
  • now the security authentication is configurable on project's site
  • Time estimation - 2 weeks
  • Tighter integration with JAXB module (P3)
  • SaaS support for Java currently adds a JAXB library generated from the XML schema during drag and drop. Users current have no control over it. It would nice to integrate with our JAXB support to give more control to the developers over the XML schema.
  • Time estimation - 1 week (dependency on the JAXB module to provide API)
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