NetBeans 6.1 REST Support Engineering Plan

This is the NetBeans 6.1 engineering plan for RESTful web services support. It is broken up into milestone 1 and milestone 2. Note that this plan is meant to give an overall view and schedule while the details will be entered as issues in Issuezilla.

Here is the umbrella issue: 122918

Milestone 1 (1/21/2008)

Factor in the holidays, this is a very short release cycle. Therefore, we will tackle features that are relatively easy to implement. If time permits, we will also work on milestone 2 features during this time frame to give more time to work on harder features. Here is the table showing the task, date, owner, and IZ numbers.

*Task* *Priority* *Date* *Owner* *IZ Number* *Comment*
Swith to Jersey version 0.5 P1 01/02/08 Nam Nguyen 122919
Client generation from WADL P2 01/10/08-01/15/08 Ayub Khan 122923
Improve Test Client to support subresources P2 01/02/08-01/09/08 Ayub Khan 123412

Note that will be doing prep-work for the SAS support during milestone 1 which include creating demo applications calling the different SAS services with goal of figuring out commonalities among them so we can generate code for them.

Milestone 2 (3/03/2008)

*Task* *Priority* *Date* *Owner* *IZ Number* *Comment*
Switch to Jersey version 0.6 P1 TBD Nam Nguyen 122920
Support Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) services such as amazon s3, flickr, etc P2 TBD Peter Liu & Ayub Khan 122929
Enhance Web Services Manager to support non-wsdl based services P2 TBD Nam Nguyen 123413

FCS (before JavaOne 5/6-5/9 2008)

We will decide on whether to add any new features during this time frame, but for now, we will use this time for bug fixing, etc.

*Task* *Priority* *Date* *Owner* *IZ Number* *Comment*
Swith to Jersey 1.0beta P1 TBD Nam Nguyen 122930
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