Installing Python support for NetBeans IDE

There are several ways you can install Python

1. NetBeans 8.0.2

Please understand that support for Python in NetBeans is left to the community Python Project - which is currently working through a backlog of issues. They are still looking for Engineers, Analysts and Testers. See for more information.

But if you, like me, still favor NetBeans over any other IDE and mainly use it to edit Python files, and you can live with the current bugs, then you can enable Python using this tutorial

2. Using the Update Center modules for NetBeans IDE versions < 8.0.2

Sorry, this option is currently unavailable.

DO NOT attempt to use either the 8.0.2 plugin or the Development plugin with a previous production IDE build. DOING SO WILL BREAK YOUR INSTALLATION!!!

3. Using the bleeding edge development builds of Python IDE

Sorry, this option is currently unavailable. See the community Python Project if you would like to contribute.

4. Using the NetBeans Development distribution and Python Plugin

Download and install the NetBeans SE (or other bundle) - daily development build of the NetBeans IDE distribution for your platform from

When you run the newly installed Development version of NetBeans IDE, invoke Tools->Plugins, click on the "Available Plugins tab" and scroll to see the Python plugin listed. Tick the checkbox next to "Python", then click "Install". A restart of the IDE will be required.

When running, currently you will see a LOT of exceptions. For example: " UnsupportedOperationException: This IndexReader cannot make any changes to the index (it was opened with readOnly = true)". The Python Project team is aware of this exception, and is working on fixing it.

However, you might want to configure your NetBeans IDE to not show the error dialog - only display a little red icon in the toolbar, or working might become impossible: in NETBEANSDIR/etc/netbeans.conf, add "" to the "netbeans_default_options" switches.

5. Building from sources

See instructions on building from sources.

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