Python Roadmap to 7.0

Milestone 2: (Feb 15)

  • Django Project support(Allan Davis)
  • Send ctrl-c to running program, (Allan Davis)
  • Command to delete pyc/pyo files in project (Clean project)(Allan Davis)
  • Code Coverage support (Tor Norbye) (done)
  • Hyperlink recognizers (Tor Norbye) (done)
  • Python unit testing support, Test Runner (Tor Norbye) (done)
  • Project logical view with packages and filtered .pyc files (Tor Norbye) (done)
  • Threading debugging support(with suspend/resume of python thread in jython/python context) (Jean-Yves Mengant) (done)
  • Jython Swing apps debugging support (jython leaving exec while AWT-Thread is in progress) (Jean-Yves Mengant) (done)

Milestone 3: (Mar 20)

  • python egg development (Amit Saha) (DONE)

Future development

  • Django Template editor
  • Django deployment server
  • virtualenv for most of my projects

  • Improved refactoring
  • Integration with GlassFish - this would probably be done by someone at Sun
  • Special integration for Jython - like maybe code completion for Java code being called from Jython?
  • Google App Engine integration - Martin Adamek who used to work at Sun whipped up a GAE plugin in his spare time. He's sent me his source code and is willing to relicense it however we need it.
  • Improvements to the interactive console. See:
  • Some testing against 2.6 and 3.0
  • debugger watches implementation
  • Step out(Jean-Yves Mengant)
  • Step over expression.
  • Run to cursor (Jean-Yves Mengant)
  • Remote debugging.(through netbeans debugger attach feature)
  • execution
  • terminal emulator for 7.0
  • Eclipse-like run profiles
  • Editor
  • quickfixes
  • more refactorings
  • better type inference
  • better code completion
  • Generate python code from the NetBeans UML module
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