Python support in NetBeans

This project is a community driven effort. Oracle does not actively participate in or directly support this effort.

If you are using NetBeans 8.0.2, you can Get started with Python in NetBeans IDE 8.0.2

For ALL other ways to install Python in NetBeans, see the PythonInstall page.

Visit the Python Project wiki page! We are looking for volunteers to help with testing and coding!


Getting Started

Important links

Mailing lists

There are several mailing lists serving different purposes:

  • If you are interested in using the NetBeans Python plugin, use the mailing list (subscribe, unsubscribe, archives)
  • If you are interested in developing the NetBeans Python plugin, use the mailing list (subscribe, unsubscribe, archives)
  • If you would like to track issues, use the mailing list
  • If you would like to be notified about commits, use the mailing list


Code completion

Code completion is available for

  • Modules available for imports
  • Imported symbols
  • Local variables
  • Other known classes and functions
  • Keywords

In addition, documentation is shown when available.

Creating Python Eggs

See the PyEgg Wiki page


Planning for NetBeans 7.0 has moved to


  • Milestone M5 (Jul 21)
  • Code folding for methods, classes and string blocks (e.g. documentation) (Tor Norbye) (DONE) (EA)
  • Semantic highlighting (highlights method definitions and parameter and usages of parameters) (Tor Norbye) (DONE) (EA)
  • Instant Rename for local variables/parameters (Tor Norbye) (DONE) (EA)
  • Mark Occurrences for local variables/parameters (Tor Norbye) (DONE) (EA)
  • Code completion on local variables and keywords (Tor Norbye) (DONE) (EA)
  • Keystroke handler (smart indent when you press return, and smart outdent, pair matching for quotes, parens, brackets and braces) (Tor Norbye) (DONE) (EA)
  • Platform Manager Platform Info tool(Allan Davis)(DONE) (EA)
  • Project Known File Types(Allan Davis)(DONE) (EA)
  • Python Platform Manager(Allan Davis)(DONE) (EA)
  • Milestone M6 (Aug 4)
  • Indexing (Tor Norbye) (EA)
  • Platform Manager Integration to Project(Thomas Zezula and Allan Davis)(DONE) (EA)
  • Project Actions(Thomas Zezula and Allan Davis)(DONE) (EA)
  • Code Templates for basic statements and built-in functions(Manuel Tijerino)(DONE)
  • Milestone M7 (Aug 18)
  • Integration with project system (Tor Norbye) (EA)
  • Create Python project from existing code(Thomas Zezula and Allan Davis)(DONE) (EA)
  • Python Debugger(Jean-Yves Mengant) (DONE) (EA)
  • Debugger Session
  • Debugger Actions
  • Debugger views
  • Milestone M8 (Sep 1)
  • Python Unit Test templets(Allan Davis) (EA)
  • Platform AutoDetect(Allan Davis) (EA)
  • Basic Type analysis for smarter code completion/go to declaration (Tor Norbye) (EA)
  • Python Project Customizers(Thomas Zezula and Allan Davis) (80%)(EA)
  • Milestone M9 (Sep 15)
  • Basic Quick Fixes (Tor Norbye) (EA)
  • Basic Refactoring (Find Usages and Rename) (Tor Norbye) (EA)
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