Project Groups


Demo Script

Pretty simple. Tested with NB 6.0 M9, JDK 6.0u1, Ubuntu.

  1. Make a Java library project JavaLibrary1.
  2. Make another one, JavaLibrary2.
  3. File > Project Group > New Group...
  4. Type first, leave Use Currently Open Projects checked, click OK.
  5. Projects tab now labelled Projects - first
  6. Make a new group second, uncheck check box.
 Now you have no projects opened.
  1. Make JavaLibrary3.
  2. File > Project Group > first and you will see the first two projects.
  3. Select second and you will see the third project.
  4. Select (none) and that project will close.

Advanced Mode

Currently an Advanced mode is available by checking that checkbox menu item. It enables the following additional features:

  1. You can disable automatic synchronization of the project list for a group.
 So if you have a rather stable group definition, turn this off and don't worry about
 transient projects getting added to the group by accident.
 You can then synchronize manually at any time to update the group definition.
  1. You can make a group which always consists of a particular project and all of its
 (recursive) required projects. This can be useful for a large cluster of projects;
 for example, a Java EE EAR project could be the initial project, and all components
 (WARs, etc.) would be included in the group automatically. (You can get the same effect
 without advanced mode if you remember, every time you open the group, to close all projects
 except the initial project and then select Open Required Projects on it.)
  1. You can make a group which always consists of all projects found inside a given folder.
 This is again potentially useful for rather large sets of projects, e.g. in one VCS checkout:
 you do not need to remember to add newly created projects to the group.

If you hear any feedback about the advanced mode, please add it to Issue #89337.

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