Changes Between 8.2 And 8.1

This section summarizes the changes in NetBeans profiler 8.2 compared to the previous version NetBeans profiler 8.1.

Main Changes

  • Profiling SQL Queries. New profiling mode has been added to enable profiling of SQL Queries from a Java process to any database using the JDBC API. The profiler displays full SQL query with invocation count and time and with the full invocation call tree.
  • Coloring Profiler Results. All profiler results can now be visually marked by different colors using the user defined filters.
  • Support for Dark Look'n'Feels. All profiler graphs and results tables now support the dark NetBeans themes.

Changes Between 8.1 And 8.0

This section summarizes the changes in NetBeans profiler 8.1 compared to the previous version NetBeans profiler 8.0.

Main Changes

  • New and improved features. The profiler newly displays CPU and GC overhead and allows to take thread dumps from the profiled process. Advanced Methods (previously CPU) and Objects (previously Memory) profiling is easier to configure and the profiling overhead has been lowered. Attaching to running Java processes has been simplified and improved.
  • Enhanced live results. Live Methods results display forward and reverse call trees and performance hot spots. Live Objects results display allocation call trees.
  • Single profiler window. There's a single profiler window for configuring and controlling the profiling session and displaying the profiling results.

All Significant Changes

  • Simplified profiler setup
    • One-click profiling without setting up anything
    • Selecting methods/classes for detailed profiling using checkboxes in results
    • Improved attaching to running processes, selected PID is remembered for subsequent sessions
  • New features
    • Monitoring CPU utilization
    • Thread dumps from profiled application
    • Displaying merged results of selected threads in CPU views
  • Improved live profiling views
    • Live forward and reverse call trees in CPU results
    • Live allocation trees in Memory results
    • Simplified tweaking settings during a profiling session
  • Engine improvements
    • Significantly faster connection to an already running process
    • Limited outgoing calls from profiled methods
    • Memory profiling for selected classes
  • Polished profiler UI
    • One profiler window with all actions, settings and results
    • Separate Snapshots window to manage persisted profiling data
    • Reimplemented profiler tables and treetables to deliver native looking appearance
  • Improved profiler integration into the IDE
    • Polished Profile menu
    • Introduced Attach to Project action
    • Added Profile Class/Method actions into Navigator

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