Topics of post-6.0 work in Core & Platform areas in NetBeans

see CorePlatformAndProjectsPlan67 for more recent followup

Open unscheduled topics


  • recognize that a user is using NetBeans only for profiling his project (e.g an Eclipse project) and suggest importing the project into NetBeans (-> jsedlacek)
  • Packaging a project output into an OSGi bundle - OSGi is becoming more widespread, and for example, GlassFish v3 can be extended through OSGi bundles.
  • improvements in project import and more precise autoconfiguration of freeform based on analysis of the build script
    ( AutomaticProjects) (#135157)
  • utilizing Maven repositories and index to resolve 3rd party library problems. Using Maven remote repositories for creating NetBeans library definitions.
    ( MavenIndexingOnePager) (#134677)
  • merge "from Scratch" and "with Existing Sources" project wizards
  • improve UI for resolving broken references
  • performance improvements
  • If you change a single file (particularly in a platform application), then running the application invokes a lot of ant targets and takes a long, long time. Perhaps this could be improved somehow to eliminate any unnecessary steps.
  • elimination of copy&pasted code in the many existing project types
  • possibility to do optimizations in one place
  • write once & use in all project types for certain features (e.g. includes/excludes)
  • different levels of reuse, something applies to ant projects only, something is more general



Maven Support

  • extending the support to better cover advanced usecases

(any VOC about this? how many users who would profit from this potentially?)

  • profiling, debugging, deployment for web and j2ee projects
  • make webframeworks work (visual web)
  • dependency graphing and analysis (also useful for Ivy support)
  • catch up on project configuration capabilities (customizer panels etc) to make it comparable to ant projects.

Window System

Table of Core UI work post 6.0


  • fix appearance of NetBeans on Mac OS X look and feel (#132291)
  • TC persistency changes - PERSIST_LAYOUT option + adoption of Preferences API
  • merge various Output and Result windows (#123429) - requested by xDesign, agreed as nice to have only
  • common status line (#123344) - requested by xDesign, old window system relic, we're likely the only IDE that takes up space with the status line that's dedicated to editor
  • style text in editor tabs
  • tasklist API enhancement for triggering actions
  • possibility for real embedded web browser - could be WebKit which will be included in JDK 6u10 - evaluation was done; because WebKit will not be available via public API in JDK 6u10 using WebKit in NetBeans is postponed
  • module system changes - compatibility with JSR 277

(what is the right moment to start working on this?)

  • incorporate 3rd party libraries without library wrapper modules - use Maven for 3rd-party libraries, either in apisupport or directly in module system
  • related to JSR 277 as Stanley Ho reported that he has a bridge between JSR 277 APIs and Maven
  •  ???!
  • Print APIs and Preview - adopting what has been suggested by entpack team

but was not suitable for acceptance in platform in the form suggested

  • multiview redesign to serve the reqs accumulated
  • palette improvements - preview instead of icon
  • Wizard API is waiting for redesign for long time
  • Impl of IZ 55627: Double clicking the project template should move to next step
  • actions support module - get rid of another SharedClassObject subclass - e.g. give people a chance to easy write their actions without the need to subclass NodeAction, CookieAction or co.
  • running platform on top of Consumer JRE
  • running platform as an applet?

(hard security issues -jglick)

  • API for reading Proxy Settings, writing only via Options (friend API for writing Proxy Settings)
  • search in Options dialog
  • reset options to defaults #138595
  • #140164 Turn off/on search highlighting in Javahelp content viewer. We will need to contribute this to Javahelp to implement this. Issue refers to Eclipse where this feature is available.
  • review UI of JavaHelp viewer and possibly make it more "modern"?


  • (hard without rewrite of apisupport -jglick)
  • many more wizards
  • Geertjan has wizard for "enhanced file type" - with multiview, with visual library, etc.
  • tasklist wizard
  • CLI option wizard
  • (bad priority, we have far better things to do -jglick)
  • More GUI support for working with window system: defining new modes, editing .wstcref and .settings files
  • support in build harness for building setup packages (preferably with a bundled JRE), just as you can build ZIP distributions now. see Tonny Kohar's blog for an example, but maybe OpenInstaller is an option too.
  • create API to allow other people to write their own wizards (maybe with FreeMarker)
  • make explorer views more matisse friendly - e.g. create their own category in component palette, add setExplorerManager/getExplorerManager to views.
  • rewrite layer nodes (see IZ #72541)


  • needs improved UI to be integrated more transparently
  • Download NBMs/Offline mode ( OfflineMode) without installing them
  • leveraging Plugin Portal - tighter communication between users and developers of plugins

from within the IDE (commenting and rating plugins, viewing stats about the plugins - #downloads)

  • reading additional data from PP (#downloads, ratings, comments) - showing them, allowing searching and sorting
  • allowing user to write data to PP (ratings, comments) - could be delegated to a web page on PP
  • change logs for NBMs
  • logging of changes done through autoupdate - for the user's view, or for sending to support/attaching to issue
  • displaying more advanced information about plugins - dependencies, installation directory,...
  • CLI client?
  • support for language packs?

(current implementation with dummy modules seems to be enough even for community contributed localizations, so the support for real language packs may be unnecessary)

  • rollback of updates?

(makes sense only if we want to put more emphasis on sustaining older !NetBeans releases) -- well, supporting older releases is important for platform applications.

Gesture Collector

  • task-focused UI (what is it all about actually? and how big change this would be?)
  • mkleint: can turn quite big, needs integration with issue tracking systems, complex manipulations with user's IDE desktop.
  • tips and context sensitive help based on user's workflow


  • simplification and stability - rewrite some parts of collaboration support (filesharing)
  • employing the collaboration support (chat, filesharing, ...?)

in a much bigger team collaboration feature (TBD, cross-team effort)

  • Continuous integration server integration, also touches projects area.

Topics completed in 6.5


Ant Projects

Maven Projects

  • remote repository browsing, querying, management, bootstrapping version control checkout.


  • explorer+nodes performance improvements (#121913) ( FitnessViaLaziness)
  • UNC paths usage - in filesystems and also in the rest of the product (#46813)
  • treetable view redesign (33281)
  • Options (#109538) - API+impl for opening Options dialog with preselected subcategories, e.g. panels in Miscellaneous
  • finish killing advanced options (#105589, #133773)
  • support for informational error messages in wizards (#137737)


  • Expand uniqueID by one additional unique number unrelated to userdir (#137113)
  • slightly changed behavior of balloon-like tooltip (#125119)

Window System

  • changed default layout of windows ( UI Spec)
  • fix bugs on Nimbus L&F (#120656)
  • modify sliding windows to support original window sizes (#135318)
  • (partially) add new API for configuring existing visual aspects of window system - enable/disable DnD, floating windows, JFrames x jDialogs, tab layouts, sliding windows on/off, fixed layout. (#134670)

Various UI issues

  • Tasklist - visual finetuning of the window (#138189)
  • Quick Search (#134398), UI and Func spec
  • explain icon badges in tooltips(#123469)
  • allow drag and drop of text selected in editor window into the common palette to create new code clips (#93002)

Topics completed in 6.1



  • filesystem simplifications
  • getting rid of the old support for VCS Generic by peeling the upper delegating filesystem, locking for bulk operations, a few handy methods (#123542)
  • speeding up file locking mechanism (#106128)


  • Plugin Manager non-modal dialog box
  • downloading plugins on background (#98870)
  • wizard for automatic resolving of broken dependencies - Missing Modules Resolver available on Beta UC of 6.1
  • semitransparent lightweight popup window which indicates that some updates of plugins are available. (#122751)
  • stabilize APIs/SPIs (#19930)
  • Allow setting AU check interval programmatically


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