UI Core Work Plan - post 6.0

  • Following tasks are primarily for engineers Dafe (dsimonek) & Standa (saubrecht), later hopefully Marek (mslama)
  • Tasks are listed in work order for engineers, first in list is first to be worked on. Order isn't fixed and may change in future.
  • Work on several tasks may go in parallel, engineers will work together on some tasks
  • Plan is optimistic although not complete, we expect that we'll *not* be able to implement all listed things


  • Status field: empty = work not started yet
  • Overall, empty field indicates that value has not been decided yet or is not available

6.1 tasks

Description Status Issuezilla
Update notifications using "bubble" popup window done 122751
Ability to control transparency of sliding windows done 123123
Speed up DnD on Linux and Mac done 116628
Winsys DnD - Use half transparent drag image of whole window during DnD done 123110
Half transparent non focused floating windows done 123122
Window snapping of floating windows done 123124
Add Options panel for the new visual effects done - no visual options by HIE decision. May change, we'll see. 123125

6.5 tasks

Description Status Issuezilla
Quick access - text searching in main menu, actions, modules, options, files, projects. Similar to Vista OS menu, similar to competitor's quick access feature In progress 134398
Fix platform to run smoothly under Nimbus L&F in progress 120656
Platform enhancements - Add new API for configuring existing visual aspects of window system - enable/disable DnD, floating windows, JFrames x jDialogs, tab layouts, sliding windows on/off, or only on some sides, native x cross platform L&F In progress 134670
Tab control improvements (no extensions in editor tabs, just in explorer; really implement nb.tabnames.html, use bold for modified and italic for read only files, remove asteriks for modified files) 50354
TC persistency changes - PERSIST_LAYOUT option + adoption of Preferences API

Post 6.5 tasks

Description Status Milestone Issuezilla Hg repo UI Spec Owner Prototype
Task List enhancements: 'fix' actions ready for review Standa
Navigator - rewrite all listener reactions to delegate to one task, coalesced and asynchronous updates 123106 Dafe
DND of window groups (modes) 123118
DnD - indication of drop result 36030
Revise DnD drop active areas, related to previous "better indication" 37198
Palette API Enhancements - to be evaluated one by one 90211 Standa
Sliding windows effects, rolling from the side Dafe
Modify sliding windows to support reorder animations and original window sizes Dafe
Replace Tree table view, use David Strupl's contrib/ttv 33281
Output window tabs - indicate new error 70469
Hyperlink and improved colors usage in output window 29707
Visual library take-over from mobility team and implement enhancements, in cooperation with UML team
Groups API Enhancements 113298
Enhanced palette visualization: mac-like native rendering of visual components, full tree hierarchy(?)
Platform enhancements - allow full featured docking for undocked windows. currently you may undock a component and dock it only as tab into an other undocked window. It would be very useful for several multi head applications (IDE included) to allow full featured docking (eg. horizontal/vertical split, minimizing of tabs...) identical to the main window. 126575
IDE UI enhancements - allow to view more than one console output component at a time 126574
Platform skinning support with Nimbus L&F
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