Contributing Docs from within the NetBeans IDE

Project Team: Varun Nischal and Jay Mahadeokar

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Well, we were thinking of having a Module Suite, consisting of some modules, wherein an end-user can create a doc from within the IDE. Yes, a wikipage- maintain, revise and publish.

  1. Editor Support
  • Well, we intend to provide editor support for new kind of language. The user would write content of his proposed wikipage, using syntax of this language. An option to preview the page from the Editor itself, locally. The data would be processed to generate wiki-style code.
  • All this editing, saving & previewing (from NB-configured browser) would take place (i.e. using the NetBeans IDE), irrespective of your internet connectivity.
  1. Publishing
  • If anyone makes a doc offline, then to publish, author would connect to the internet and copy the generated code into NetBeans Wiki plain editor.
  • Attach images made during the documentation to the NetBeans Wiki, and save the wikipage. Your doc is ready! Yes, its ready no more changes required.


As of now, I could possibly think of the following features, its up to you as its open for all, to comment on and edit where ever you feel necessary.

End User View

  • Click on File > New Project..., Window opens, New Category named "Community Docs" would be listed.
  • Selecting it lists various templates for docs, like Articles, Tips & Tricks, FAQ's, Tutorials, etc...
  • When any one of the above template gets selected, clicking Next starts a Wizard-Driven creation of the project. WikiName would be entered for the doc, as it leaves the textfield, background thread would validate the name.
  • When its done, a document (format not decided yet) opens in the editor, the doc would contain a pre-defined template, which could edited by the author of the doc.
  • Remember, the syntax you use to write your content, will play a crucial role, as the code formed would be converted into wiki-style code.
  • It's HTML representation, would be generated too, to let the user save/preview the page (using the browser configured through NetBeans). All this is being done locally, independent of internet connectivity.


Add a line * <text> to post your comments here.

Past Conversations

Conversations I had with my ex-teammate, " Amit Kumar Saha". Now, he is no longer a part of this project. I have listed all those conversations archived here, ArchivePluginForNBCDP

Present Conversations


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Its underway, just stay tuned to our blogs and mailing list, i.e. Community Docs mailing list and blog, apart from following blogs;

    1. Varun's Blog
    2. Jay's Blog


Varun Nischal,
NetBeans Community Docs Contribution Coordinator
Email: nvarun AT NetBeans DOT org

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