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Planned for 6.9

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lists progress and more links to wiki pages with feature details.

  • interoperability with OSGi (OSGiAndNetBeans)
    • together with Ant and Maven tooling
  • REST WS and JPA/CRUD parts of Interoperability with certain Enterprise technologies (ApisupportEnterprise69)
  • Embedded Browser, JWebPane (JWebPane prototype embedding)
    • for HTML preview in RCP app (many reports are generated as HTML and the preview to the user needs to be possible somehow)
    • HTML page as a dialog box
    • embedding pages of an existing enterprise webapp into enterprise RCP client
  • API docs improvements (how RCP docs could be better?)
    • create docs about layer files and individual entries and their relationship to APIs (links to Javadoc and vice versa) (gj: will be added to new NetBeans Platform Refcard)
    • add links to other resources (FAQs, tutorials,..) into Javadoc footer (gj: makes sense)
    • link from Javadoc pages to the related FAQ topics/categories (gj: will do)
    • move Geertjan's blogs to a permanent space under our control ( and link to them from Javadoc and other RCP docs (gj: is being set up)
    • better into into Module Suite vs. Module Project, many new RCP users don't see a difference (gj: will be added to new NetBeans Platform Refcard)
  • API Support: fix layer view (FixedLayerView69)
    • most edit operations currently unsafe
    • reflect registration annotations
  • API Support: better branding support (ImprovedBrandingSupport69)
    • make it work also for Maven RCP projects
    • GUI to brand layers (including un-hiding of hidden entries), bundles, and icons
    • visual customizer of main menu and toolbar
    • UI for correct display of both XML-based and annotation-based layers
    • more options to customize application behavior (what specifically?)
    • assistance for creating localizations (also with the option of including ML version of Platform), tool for L10N readiness check and finding unused bundle keys
    • mkleint: the primary problem for people is finding out where the icons/bundles/layers are. There is no connection between what people see in the ui and where the respective underlying to-be-branded content is..


Enterprise RCP

  • improve JNLP support (JavawebstartForRCPEval)
    • deprecate non-jnlp.platform.codebase builds; bundle .jnlp descriptors with modules
    • custom servlet to match NB module system semantics?
    • use Pack200
  • user roles and automatic reconfiguration of RCP app based on user authentication - User Roles
  • Graph support as a contribution from VisualVM? (there is a jfluid chart library as part of the IDE)
  • JavaFX components in RCP app?

General Enhancements

  • visual library enhancements (VisLibEnhancements)
    • layouting algorithms
    • Explorer view as an API for data model to be visualized
    • ...?
  • Window System
    • visual customizers for window system layout
    • allow moving toolbars to the left/right border of the main window (esp. important for RCP apps targeting wide-screen displays)
    • perspectives(?)
    • bulk operations on window modes (slide/drag/close the whole tabbed container) etc.
    • show full file path when ctrl+tabbing between editor windows 178093
    • breadcrumbs-like path to file in active editor window 178091
  • Task List enhancements for C/C++ pack 178056
  • fixes for 3rd party look and feels (JTabbedPane , ..?)
  • native file listeners, perhaps using NIO.2
  • skins for RCP apps (using Nimbus Java L&F)
  • API Support: more wizards
    • Explorer/Nodes, ...?
    • SPI for adding wizards from other modules
  • API Support: allow debugging of RCP app down into Platform modules (need to allow easy download of sources and setting the sources for debugging)
  • API Support: add module deps dialog improvements (AddModuleDepsImprovements69)
    • improve the dialog UI and module+API descriptions
    • automatically add all libraries on what a being added library depends on, e.g. Explorer API depends on Nodes API and so on
  • API Support: better JavaHelp support
    • action to preview without build
    • validation of syntax, links
    • ToC/index editor

Cleanup / Maintenance

  • deprecation of certain APIs (not removing anything in 6.9, but deprecating and removing in 7.0 or like)
    • TTV
    • Cookies: replace all Cookies related stuff by LookUps (Data Object API)
    • ...?
  • API Support: fix refactorings (e.g. package rename) - some of them work, so we could just restrict the user in UI so that she does not run into cases which don't work
  • API Support: compile-on-save support? - would be useful for resolving annotation processing into layer for layer display correctness
  • API Support: module universe scanning performance issue
  • move useful test utilities (MockLookup etc.) to independent modules in harness
  • revisit component creation off EDT ([[1]|#168779])


For reference: APISupportInNetBeansDevelopment

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