PL/SQL Module Review

Integration with DB Explorer

It would be very nice to integrate this with DB explorer. Not that it should necessarily be in the Services tab, but you can use the DB Explorer API to manage connections, open connections, and get connection info.

Shipping of Oracle Driver

I don't think you're legally allowed to include the Oracle driver, nice as it is to have it. Particularly if you're going to be open source


Your code should have some kind of license in it, and you need to decide licensing for your plugin

Saving function/procedure has no effect

After creating the first procedure, all subsequent attempt to create new, modify, and save procedures or functions failed. I would make the changes, save the changes, but when I view the file externally or double-click on it, the old contents are still there.

I looked at the log file, and there are no exceptions. Can you reproduce this? If so, then this is a showstopper. If not, do you have any ideas why this is happening?

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