PHP Smarty Framework plugin

Author: Martin Fousek, martin.fousek(((at)))


What is Smarty?

Smarty is a template engine for PHP, facilitating the separation of presentation (HTML/CSS) from application logic. This implies that PHP code is application logic, and is separated from the presentation.

This page describes how to work with Smarty in NetBeans IDE

Download instructions

  • download Smarty plugin from development update center (for Dev builds of NB IDE) or from plugin portal (for the last release of NetBeans IDE) or
  • install PHP Smarty Framework plugin directly in your IDE in Tools->Plugins->Available

First steps - Tips

  • once you have installed PHP Smarty Framework plugin you can start to use it (without IDE restart)
  • as a Smarty project will be recognized any project which contains .TPL files (it mustn't be .tpl if you will set it in Options differently - i.e. you can use it for Nette framework for .latte or .phtml file extensions)
  • by default the Smarty searches for the .tpl (or similar) files in first level of subdirectories - you can change it in Options->PHP->Smarty
  • as a delimiters are by default used { and } braces, you can change them in the global options (Options->PHP->Smarty) or in the Project Properties of projects which are recognized as a Smarty project

Features of the plugin

  • Syntax highlighting including coloring background of tags (if required)
  • Custom Smarty delimiters
  • Recognizing .TPL and Smarty projects (marking them with appropriate icon or badge icon)
  • Common HTML features outside the Smarty code and PHP features inside {php}{/php} tags
  • Basic code completion for Smarty functions and its atributes
  • New File wizard offers also creation of Smarty Template
  • Support for Smarty2 or Smarty3 syntax
  • Code completion also for Smarty3
  • Braces Matching - highlighting related starting/else/ending tags
  • Language sensitive toggle comment action

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