PHP IDE Requirements

The NetBeans PHP IDE consists of the PHP features developed by the NetBeans PHP team, as well as common NetBeans features, developed by other teams. So in order to have the best possible PHP IDE, improvements in non-PHP areas are required. Many of these issues were discovered through the PHP usability study, see the notes: PhpUsabilityStudyNotes

Here are the requests on other teams required for the PHP IDE, beyond the PHP features:

Item Status
Make the Start Page more suitable for PHP users - issue 139015
Subitems 1 and 2 need to be addressed, can be done during the bugfixing phase. Other items are not required for 6.5.
Eliminate the concept of Main Project - issue 139019
On track for FF on July 21.
New UI of Editor Options - issue 137318. Especially the "Hints" and "Formatting" tabs are important.
The "formatting" tab is on track for July 21. The "hints" tab is not on track, which will create a suboptimal user experience, thus affecting the ability to attract PHP developers.
.htaccess files should not be hidden by default - issue 139023
Needs to be addressed for FCS, possibly as a bugfix.
Enable and streamline the use case when opening a file from a OS file manager - issues 137169,138943,137172
Partially addressed (issue 137172). It is still desirable to fix especially issue 138943 during the bugfixing phase.
Editor window for PHP is too narrow per the usability study participants (palette takes up a lot of space). While this could be solved in the PHP functionality itself, we may want to consider changes to the default window layout.
Dropped for 6.5.
New File wizard should allow overriding the default file extension - issue 139174
Addressed on the PHP team side, no changes in core necessary.
Possibility to run external tool with parameters and over selected file
Should be implemented as an AU module, not necessarily a part of 6.5 release train.
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