Who am I?

My name is Petr Dvorak and I have been working for Sun since 18/02/2008. I started as a member of the NetBeans QE Students pool. I was responsible for mobility, then for VCS (cvs, svn, hg) and my last responsibility was testing of the NetBeans editor (the "editor" component).

Currently, I am a member of the team responsible for Kenai QA and for C/D integration in NetBeans.

I am still a student (at the Charles University in Prague), my major is computer science and IT.

My name is joshis.

My Blog

What have I already done?

Since I came to Sun, I have written functional tests for mobility, I helped with stabilizing some other functional tests (CVS, Subversion, Mercurial, ...) and I helped to migrate functional tests from Xtest to "simpletests" (functional tests based on JUnit). I have written functional tests for the Keymap dialog introduced in NB6.5.

I am also regularly replying on the mailing lists.

To see the issues I have already submitted, see the Issuezilla.

Some trivial patches for less important issues:

I have also (re)written/updated following wiki pages:

Least but not last, here are my comments that I posted on

How can you contact me?

If you have any reason to contact me, use one of following ways to do so:

E-mail 1:
E-mail 2:
E-mail 3:
Web(CZ): Petr Dvorak - personal web (
ICQ: 256817159 (nick "joshis")

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