The Petstore sample application from Sun demonstrates a wide range of technologies. It is available in a number of downloads from Sun and is organized in the Blueprints format for projects. However it cannot just be run as it appears on a Windows system. After searching for and reading question and answers about Petstore I have come up with the following steps that worked for me. What follows are the steps necessary to get Petstore to work on a Windows (Vista, XP, etc.) system with NetBeans 6.0.


Glassfish is installed in

The user name for Glassfish is admin and the password is adminadmin.

Step 1:
Download the javapetstore-2.0-ea5-installer.jar file from Sun. I found it at

Step 2:

. Execute this jar file (double-click on it) and it will unzip itself in its current directory in a folder called {javapetstore-2.0-ea5}. Move this directory to the location of your choice for the project. In the remaining instructions it is assumed that you moved it to C:\javapetstore-2.0-ea5.

Step 3:

Locate the file found in
and open it with a text editor to make the following changes.

Step 4:
Change javaee.home from:




Step 5:



javaee.server.passwordfile= C:/javapetstore-2.0-ea5/bp-project/passwordfile

Step 6:

In the
folder create a file called passwordfile (no extension).

Step 7:
In this file add the following line:


Step 8:

Start NetBeans and open the project
that you will find when you browse to {C:\javapetstore-2.0-ea5}.

Step 9:
Start the GlassFish server. In NetBeans select Window and then Services. A new panel replaces the Projects panel and displays all the services available. Select Servers, right mouse click on Glassfish, and select Start.

Step 10:
In NetBeans return to the Projects panel in the petstore project, go to the Server Resources folder of the project, right mouse click on setup.xml, select Run Target, and select setup. This should create the necessary database files and register them with the persistence engine of GlassFish.

Step 12:
Now Run the main project.

You can find more odds & ends at
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