hi, it's me here

Here are some ideas, what I would like to see in Netbeans:

  • Multi-level shortcuts
example: Ctrl+r,r - refactor rename, Ctrl-r,i - refactor inline, and so on, so I can group all refactoring shortcuts under Ctrl-r. Also would be good if one press Ctrl+r the small tooltip will show all members in a refactoring group. The refactoring here used only for example, it should be possible to assign any deep multi-level shortcut to any command
  • Search in options
It would be nice to search in options dialog, good examples are: Mac OS X System Preferences dialog or eclipse preference page
  • More intelligent Fix Code...
Eclipse quick-fix is a good example
  • Quick outline
see Ctrl-o in eclipse in Java editor
  • Quick Access
see Ctrl-3 in eclipse
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