API Navigation Requirements Tie Down

January 18 2007


Attendees: Sandip, Petr, Dusan, Krys, Joelle

Time: January 19, 11amPST

An additional ad hoc meeting occured on January 23rd at 4pm. Sandip, Peter, Dusan and Joelle were present.


  1. Figure Out How "JSF Page Flow Editor" should be invoked
  2. Figure Out How Users Can Add Pages

Invoking JSF Page Flow Ediotr

Outcome: Three methods to invoke the editor.

  1. New Toolbar Action
  2. Through the faces-config.xml data loader.
  3. Right click on the project node and invoke Page Navigation Action.
  4. Page Navigation Node in Project View?


Page Navigation Pros:

  1. Creator users are used to this.
  2. A way to quickly get to Navigation Editor
  3. Makes sense be it is project wide.
  4. Easier to find.

Page Navigation Cons:

  1. Dusan: Only 1 in 6 people were able to actually find that Page Navigation Node so it doesn't actually seem useful now. It is too hidden already.
  2. Petr: Creating a node in the page logical view is an expensive and unnessary use of space.
  3. Dusan: We should not have two way of invoking the editor from one view (the project logical view). Either use the faces-config file or another node.
  4. Petr: How many times will someone actually click on this node. This is not something that you are constantly editing.

Outcome: For now we will include the node and let it go through UI Review.

Show Pages in JSF Page Flow Editor


Use Cases: Each of the following use cases must be met no matter what solution we choose.

  1. Adding New Pages
  2. Connecting to an Exist Page
  3. Having multiple views. Refer to "Views Needed" below.

Outcome: Two way to add an exist page.

  1. Drag and drop any given page from the project view.
  2. In the context menu (right click) of a given page two of the options are a) Connect To... and b) Connect From ... These will bring up a modal dialog that will allow you to choose the page you would like create a link to or from.

Option 2 allows the user to quickly create a link to a page, even it is already in the page flow (without scrolling).

Views Needed: However, the consensus could not be made will out creating another toolbar option with the followin views.

  1. All Pages
  2. All Pages with at least to or from
  3. All Pages in a File

Pages Can Not Be Listed In Palette For the Following Reasons:

  1. Palette should not be dynamic. Once you add a page to the editor, you will not want it to be an option any longer in the palette. We have no presidence for a dynamic palette as such.
  2. The Quick Search and Quick Jump would be unnatural in this position.

Do We Still Need A Palette

  1. We need a palette to have elements such as New Page, Button, Hyperlink, etc.

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