Page Flow Minutes - Jan 17 2007



Winston, Sandip, Pavel, Petr P., Joelle


This meeting was an ad-hoc meeting to bring Pavel up to speed with the current status. We primarily did a basic UI walk through and then discussed some questionable areas as listed below. Although I, Joelle, intended to wait for the open source branch, it seems that that is no longer the correct path with deadlines being pushed off. I am going to begin immediately with the migration of our current navigation to the Graph Library 2.0.



DP: I understand why you would like to have the navigation editor there, but I feel that Navigation editor is quite hidden for users then. You know they will need to open some config.xml file (which sounds like low level action) to edit some high level navigation among pages visually.

Creating New Pages

  1. Should there be a new page palette item?

DP: The palette is synchronized with the active editor so in our case user will expect there all possible elements that can be added to the editor area. I suggest to make Palette window active when Navigation editor is present and put there everything from the current contextual menu (New Page, New Button, New Hyperlink, New Image Hyperlink).

  1. Or should we have the user right click as we currently do in VWP Navigator.

DP: Those action should stay here as well because of compatibility with the Matisse at least.

User View of all pages

  • How can the user create links to any page at any time? Should all the pages be viewable on the navigator or in a palette?

DP: Component Palette is used as a place for holding components that can be used in the editor typically. So it isn't right place for us. Navigator window could fulfill our needs better and main purpose of this window is to assist in work with editor. But it could be problem for users that will not know they can link pages from editor to pages listed inside Navigator window on the other hand. That problem can be solved by some clear visual indication. We really need to check how is the Navigator used in other tools too e.g. in Enterprise pack.

Zoomable Pages

  1. Insync is involved in the use of VWP pages.
 * It creates a handler and an attribute when a link is created.
  1. Currently the only zoomable pages are VWP pages.
  2. What would be nice is if we can create a generic interface for those who want to create rich functionality for what is currently vanilla

Managed Bean Nodes

  • The the request, session and page been nodes where put there for ease of use.
  • The question is how many things can be put their for ease of use and are these important enough.
  • Pavel is of the opinion that less nodes are better.
  • Winston and Sandip would really like to see these manage beans stay in some form, however it is okay to get rid of navigation.xml

Page Fragments

Goal: Try to avoid manually need to go through and draw a link for each fragment included in a paage.

  • Option #1: Page Fragement visible on the navigator, links draw on from the page fragment does not modify anything except meta data. When page fragment is imported, you see links that actually modify the config file.
  • Option #2: No link can be created from a Page Fragment until the Page Fragment is imported into a page. Then when a user create a link from a button (in the imported page fragment), the user is asked if that modificaiton should be propogates to all other uses of that same fragment. The user can then select yes or no.***

Moving Forward

  1. During our next meeting, we will nail down the API requirements. I will need to put together a list of use cases and make sure we have an API to meet each of those use cases.

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