This document describe suggested solution of New File action in Page flow editor.

At first I would like to know answers for these questions:

  1. Do we need such functionality in the page flow editor? Is it enough to create new file in the explorer, which will be reflected in very short time in the editor?
  2. How often we expect that a user will use this action from page flow editor?
  3. How is it solved in the other IDE?
  4. Where user can invoke the action.
  5. If the action will be in context menu, will be there others action?
  6. Is it possible to solve this problem through palette?
  7. Which file we want to support in the editor?

If it will be solved through the context menu, there is my suggested solution: The action should offer something like preferred templates and user should be able to create the file with minimal clicks. The behavior is similar to the behavior of preferred templates for projects in explorer. On top there should be offered the last used template. User should have a chance create other file or there should be listed all supported files. The list of supported files / preferred templates shouldn't be hardcoded and third modules should have a chance to add their templates here.

|   ...      |
| New      > |
|   ...      |
| I Java Server Page...|
| I HTML...            |
| I Facelets...        |
| I Other...           |

Joelle's Response:
1. Dusan, what do you think? The reason this was added because the old Navigator had this in place due to a UI request. It be can very easily removed.
Dusan> It's better when the action will be more closer to the area where user is focused on. If it will be placed under New > or Add New > , then it will not take so much space in the Context menu. And it's even standard to have such a menu item in the context menu above work area in the Editor.
2. In VWP, one of the first things people do is figure out what pages they need. A logon page, a help page, and begin create links from one to another. I am not sure if it actually happens that way in the real world.
Dusan> How often? ...I don't know the exact percentage and we can get this info from Gesture Collector later, but for example when I was designing Matisse I suggested to move important actions into Contextual menu to have them ready at hand. And it was the right expectation evidently.
3. This exact dialog was there in the old ide except it created VWP pages.
Dusan> We can check other IDEs, but I don't think that it's so important how it has been solved there, because they can count with different user's flow. And BTW I did that for Matisse already before I suggested mentioned recommendations.
4. This action was invokable when ever any left clicked on the graph backdrop (not on an item).
Dusan> Yes, that's good approach.
5. There will be other context menus for individual items (delete, remove, rename, open), but not for the scene as a whole. So this action will sit by itself.
Dusan> We should better define whole content of Context menu above items and above scene (work area).
6. Absolutely, if we want to make this action go away by the use of the palette, that is fine with me. I don't have time to work on it now and I can remove the action for now and let people use the explorer view.
Dusan> It should exist in the Palette and in the Context menu too, like in the Matisse or editors in SeeBeyond (part of Enterprise pack)
7. Right now I have JSP, HTML. Shortly VWP will be add when that end is working. I believe you will let me know with regards to Facelets. We can have the other open jump the generic new wizard.
Conlusion: I am pretty much open to anything, although I don't know if I can do the palette on top of all the other things I need to do. Dusan, do you have an input here?
Dusan> Yes, my inlines comments above.
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