PageFlow Editor for NetBeans 6.0


M10 Task List

Overall Status: ON TIME

1. Layout Options: One time layout options Completed
2. Views: Adding view number 3, this also includes coloring changes. Completed
3. Persistence: In Progress
* Each Scope to have it's own storage of locations Completed W1
* Save when IDE is closed/ Also do serialization Completed W1
* Loading Last Used Scope Completed W1
* Storing Zoom State To Be Completed during stabilization... this is a bug.
* Multiple Faces Configuration Files to be stored in one serialized file.
4. Move to Netbeans Platform Planned for W2
5. Unit Tests On Going
* Project Open Completed Week JavaOne
* Faces Config Open
6. Palette: Add Page ( HTML JSP ), will also need to add getPaletteItems to VWPModel



Basically the editor should work for every single faces configuration file. If there are more faces configuration files, then every file has it's own a PageFlow editor.

It should be a tab for the text editor. Probably the data object for faces configuration file should provide multiview, where the tabs are:

  • the source xml editor
  • the pageflow editor
  • the managed bean visual editor (it's not in the plan, but we should count with this)
  • other (probably some specific editors for components etc.

The pageflow editor should be also accessible through other UI (probably a node in project view). Do we need this?

How we will cover cases, when the navigation is defined in more configuration files and the rules are mixed together?

The pageflow editor will not read and write to the file directly, but the needed things will be accessible through an API. There already is a small api (in the netbeans jsf module), probably it doesn't cover all needed things and there are needed same changes to get this code in an API form.

The editor itself, shouldn't be tight with an project or application model.

PageFlow Editor Functional Specification

Please refer to the Page Flow Editor Functional Specification for a more formalized draft of current happenings in this arena.

PageFlow Editor User Interface Specification

Please refer to the Page Flow Editor UI Specification for a more formalized draft of current happenings in this arena.

VWP Pages in the Generic Page Flow Editor

The page flow editor will know about pages and there link. However, page flow should be able to check some registry to see if they implement an interface owned by Page Flow. Let's call this interface Zoomable (or InternallyEditable). Any dataobject that implements this interface should be able to give me a Model.


All references to Milestones are specified on the Netbeans Milestone Calendar.

Milestone Deliverable Issue #
M7 Basic Navigation Functionality to be completed with Graph Library 2.0 93848
M8 Basic Faces Configuration Visual Editing: This does not include an VWP pages 90459
M9 Merging VWP Navigation into Page Flow 90459

Moving from Navigation Editor to Page Flow Editor

  1. Move current Navigation Editor to Graph Library 2.0
  2. Navigation Editor should be usable in VWP on Netbeans 6.0
  3. Create Page Flow Editor using Petr P.'s Navigation API for faces-config only. In this state there are actually two editors, Navigation Editor and the Page Flow Editor. Page Flow Editor does nothing more but shows the information in the faces-config visually.
  4. Add VWP Functionality into the Page Flow Editor
  5. Remove Navigation Editor and navigation.xml (this will require others to be involved).

M9 Detailed Schedule

In M9, we have lost 5 days for feature freeze which is forcing me to set daily goals to avoid a late project and to help me know if it is doable.

Date Deliverable Notes Status
Mar 28 Add and Remove Page Listener in Project Completed
Mar 29 Add web/jsf/navigation to Netbeans Cluster
Remove Serialization Problem
Not Completed, can not get commit-validation to fail.
Mar 30 Add Rename File Listener More complicated than it seems Adding navigation into netbeans cluster
Saturday and Sunday
Apr 2 Removed Navigation from Netbeans Cluster to reconsider priorities Completed
Apr 3-6 Working on the following features:
1) Palette removed until completed (M10)
2) Layout Functionality completed
3) Standard Actions Completed (including listening to Filesystem Changes)
4) Add functionality to only show certain page types (which will be Hardcoded until I can create a filter in M10).
Completed except for Layout Functionality.
Saturday and Sunday
Apr 9-13 Setup PageContentProvider, Support, Adding Pins, Translate FacesModel Completed
Saturday and Sunday


Meeting Minutes

Jan 17 2007
Jan 18 2007
Jan 19 2007
Mar 27 2007

Branch Info

February 08 2007 Root Tag: navigation_root_feb082007
Branch Name: navigation_feb2007
Before Merge: before_merge_navigation_20070222
After Merge: after_merge_navigation_20070222 \

February 22 2007 Root Tag: navigation_root_feb222007
Branch Name: navigation_feb222007b
Before Merge: before_merge_navigation_feb222007b
After Merge: after_merge_navigation_feb222007b

April 11 2007 Root Tag: pfe_root_april112007b
Branch Name: pfe_april112007
Before Merge: before_merge_pfe_april112007
Tag after merge will be pfe_root_april112007_2

cvs -q co -r pfe_april112007 web/jsf/navigation nbbuild/ visualweb/navigation

April 18 2007 Tag After Putting PFE into VWP Suite:
cvs -q tag -r pfe_into_vwpsuite visualweb/visualwebsuite web/jsf/navigation visualweb/navigation

June 01 2007 cvs -q tag pfe_newscope_root web/jsf/navigation
cvs -q tag -b -r pfe_newscope_root pfe_newscope web/jsf/navigation
cvs -q tag before_merge_pfe_newscope_root_trunk web/jsf/navigation

Serial Version Information

serialver -classpath enterprise4\modules\org-netbeans-modules-web-jsf-navigation.jar;enterprise4\modules\org-netbeans-modules-web-jsf.jar;platform7\modules\org-netbeans-core-multiview.jar;platform7\lib\org-openide-util.jar org.netbeans.modules.web.jsf.navigation.JSFPageFlowMultiviewDescriptor
org.netbeans.modules.web.jsf.navigation.JSFPageFlowMultiviewDescriptor:    static final long serialVersionUID = -3101808890387485990L;

 serialver -classpath enterprise4\modules\org-netbeans-modules-web-jsf-navigation.jar;enterprise4\modules\org-netbeans-modules-web-jsf.jar;platform7\modules\org-netbeans-core-multiview.jar;platform7\lib\org-openide-util.jar;platform7/modules/org-openide-explorer.jar;platform7/modules/org-openide-windows.jar;platform7/modules/org-openide-loaders.jar;platform7/modules/org-openide-awt.jar org.netbeans.modules.web.jsf.navigation.JSFPageFlowMultiviewDescriptor.PageFlowElement
org.netbeans.modules.web.jsf.navigation.JSFPageFlowMultiviewDescriptor.PageFlowElement:    static final long serialVersionUID = 5454879177214643L;
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