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Tom Wheeler's notes (those prefixed with 'TW' are things which Tom is already working on):

  • Improved wizards API
  • Special module type which uses system classloader (handy for third-party libraries which use reflection)
  • ExtPlatform binaries available for download
  • (TW) More flexible build harness
  • Faster builds
  • A special module type which uses the system classloader (to workaround broken third-party libraries which make invalid assumptions about classloaders but which a developer may not be able to rewrite)
  • (TW) Better Undo/Redo support (e.g. ability to decorate a TopComponent with an UndoRedoManager)
  • Better support for derivative platforms (improved suite chaining)
  • Less dependence on a particular view; should be easy to replace default UI components
  • (TW) Improved UI components, including property sheet
  • More built-in property editors (dates, for example)
  • More explorer manager types (cover flow and contrib/ttv, for example)
  • Make it easier to work with DataObjects (see contrib/pojoeditor and contrib/objectloader)
  • Allow registration of actions based on node Lookup content (see contrib/dynactions)
  • (TW) Ability to build Win32 (and other platform) installer files "out of the box"
  • (TW) Enhanced branding support (changing launcher icon, etc.)
  • Easier to implement cut, copy, paste, drag and drop
  • Ability to build custom platform (see Jarda's dvbcentral project's platform.xml for inspiration)
  • (TW) Ability to include NBM files into platform
  • Support for Modules Owned By Multiple Suites
  • (TW) Build/merge Javadoc for all modules in the suite
  • Ideally this should include both source and library modules
  • Additional API Support wizards

Wade Chandler's notes:

  • Dialog Mode -- This would be handy for applications needing toolbox type windows which are configurable and dockable.
  • Login and Security Infrastructure -- This is common in enterprise and business type applications. It would be nice to tie menus and top components into different security roles and they could be disabled and/or hidden depending on the need. Look into what it would take to replace to make this doable.
  • (WC)GlassPane at the TopComponent level or at least a TopComponent extension class which could be used instead of extending TopComponent which would allow a GlassPane to exist at the TopComponent level just as they exist at the Window level This has already been mostly implemented in the code repository

Fabrizio Giudici's notes:

  • Floating, translucent TopComponents (see for instance Apeture "Head Up Displays": [1])
  • Capability of customizing the l&f of Wizards (e.g. the background graphics)
  • Integration with Quaqua out-of-the-box
  • More compliance with Apple HIG on Mac OS X (e.g. double fonts in pop ups, button conventions)
  • Transparent support for JSheet on Mac OS X (by means of Quaqua)
  • Simplifying things with annotations, dependency and resource injection and making things compatible with Spring (e.g. transactions)
  • SVG icons
  • "Enhanced" Views
  • "Enhanced" Actions
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