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Exceptions Logger Project

contributors: Petr Chytil
related projects: Exceptions Reporter
official Msc. thesis name: Statement Tracking in Version Control Systems


Current main goal

  • Design an algorithm for tracking the movement of statements in version control systems, i.e. given a statement present in an old version of the codebase, it determines its location (if it still exists) in the new one. Implement a plugin for NetBeans IDE that utilizes this algorithm.
  • Use trunk build of NetBeans during development and file issues when problems occur.

Checkpoint 1 - Deadline 15th September?

  • presentation slides (CZ)
  • Implement prototype of NetBeans? Plug-in, which will be able to track method from ex. reporter stacktrace to current sources and open corresponding file in today's sources.
  • Do more measurements (count of surviving methods between releases, six months, year, etc).
  • Try to track renamed methods.

Work plan

  • Done:
  • generate AST of all java files, which can be foung in NetBeans mercurial repository and save method signatures to data structures, which are suitable for fast searching
  • measure, how much method signatures survive over selected time period (2 months) - it is nearly 90%, so method signatures are very helpful in search for new statement's location
  • Todo:
  • try to track methods, which were renamed in the 2 months period - use method calls from other methods and try to find similarities
  • begin with integrating to NetBeans source

Resources and links

#1 Project Codeviation
#2 Processing XML with Java

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