Tasks for PHP UI Study

This document contains tasks for participants of PHP UI Study, which is going to happen at 26th of June. The tasks should take about 70 minutes to complete.

1. Introducing into the NetBeans PHP IDE
Look through the NetBeans PHP IDE and try to describe what you noticed and what is missing at the first sight

2. Using NetBeans for developing an existing application
Try to develop your project in the IDE. Create new project, which will use your sources, look through the source files in NetBeans and try add a small functionality or make changes in your code using NetBeans.

3. Creating new Project
Create new PHP application, which will print name of customers from Customer table in Sample MySQL DB in a web page.

4. Debugging
Try to debug the script code.

5. Adding PHP Script
In the last project create php command line script, which will print the names to the command line. Try run the script from NetBeans.

6. Create Login Page
Create simple login page, which will access the page from the task #3.

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