This is a public page for planning future PHP editor screencasts.

The version of NetBeans PHP Editor currently under discussion is 6.9/6.9.1.

Introductory Screencasts

Due to the age of Petr Pisl's NetBeans 6.5 screencasts, and due to the retirement of the website, we are working on a replacement set of introductory screencasts.

Currently, one introductory screencast is available. This is a 7 minute screencast that covers the most basic features of the editor, and is intended for an audience that is not familiar with NetBeans. In this section, we are planning additional screencasts that will extend the material covered.

The number of introductory screencasts will depend on the amount of material.

Intro screencast contents

The following table has the following contents related to the PHP editor introductory screencasts:

  • Suggested contents
  • Are these contents included in the existing Introduction screencast? Or another screencast? (specified if not the Introduction screencast)
  • How should these contents be covered in future screencasts?
Suggested contents Already covered? Planned coverage
Project wizards Yes Cover adequate?
File wizards No Creation of PHP file in an existing project?
Setting include path Global include path mentioned in Zend, Symfony screencasts Show use of project-specific include path
Project configurations Run configuration briefly mentioned Show multiple run configurations. FTP configs?
Run action Yes
Test PHPUnit action (Alt-F6, Ctrl-F6) Only in print tutorial Show in use?
Debugging actions Only in print tutorial Debugging screencast showing all actions?
Debugging scripts vs web pages and remote debugging Only in print tutorial and blog Debugging screencast?
Code completion Yes, also in Declaring Variables in Comments and Code Completion Features screencast Show more CC details, realistic class completion and function completion
Code templates No Should be shown
Code generators Generate Implemented/Overwritten shown in intro, Getter/Setter in Zend screencast Can't hurt to show more realistic examples
Formatting No Should be covered
Navigation Yes, mostly Navigator window, goto declarations could be shown in more detail
Support for html, css, etc Yes
Editor options Yes
PHP options In framework screencasts Probably should show general case

Intro screencast sample code

Radek suggest using the jobeet and AirAlliance samples included in the distro. Can these be used to show meaningful examples of all the functions, such as class code completion? Can also use the wishlist code, available from [1]. Does anyone else have any ideas about sample code? If you have some code that you think illustrates a NetBeans PHP editor feature nicely, please attach it to this page!

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