PHP Development Plan

In progress, not final version

This document contains a compilation of PHP features and task, which should be done in NetBeans 7.0 timeframe.

Features, RFEs and tasks are sorted by priorities, top-down, meaning P1 as the highest priority. Thus it's very likely that features on top of the list will be implemented firstly. The features in bold are usually larger ones, mainly concerning the time needed to implement them (but just a guess, might be wrong estimation). Also this features should be split in smaller tasks.

P1 - must have feature, task. Without it IDE might be even awkward to use. Almost bug. Will be fixed soon
P2 - usually known, wanted feature, already requested by more users
P3 - would be very nice to have
P4 - others ideas

Priority TOP priority Tasks and features for 7.0 Issues Current State Comment
P1 Rewrite PHP Lexer to not be top level language 150046
P1 Support PHP 5.3 on parser level
P1 PHP Model 150050 Partly implemented Features, which are built on top of this model for M1: goto declaration, mark occurrences., fins usages - better type resolution
P1 PHP Unit Support 135173, 150077 done
P2 Provide a functionality to assing a type for a variable 154513 done
P2 Support for Symfony 145913
P2 Redesign PHP Index (perf.optimization, elimin.redundancy)  ?
P3 PHP Documentor integration 150081
P3 Refactoring 144228

Priority Editor features and improvements Issues Current State Comment
P2 PHP Formatting 148732, 145603, 145954, 132871
P2 Improve indentation 139961
P2 Allow to display elements of extended class in navigator 149443 150084
P2 Override/Implement Method Annotation 150243
P2 Provide functionality for parameters hints (CTRL+P) done for M1
P3 Surround with... hint is non-relevant 148995
P3 CC, goto decl, mark occ., fins usages - better type resolution 143426 done for M1
P4 Allow to user specify php doc templates, which will be generated for variables, functions ... 148484
P4 autocomplete with grouping according 'packages' AND-OR Camel Cases in CC 147074
P3 Provide meaningful Hints, experimental->stable 150234, 134377, 145809, 141203 done 134377,145809 only
P3 Handle "mixed" types in CC (merging methods?) 150689 done
P3 goto dec., mark occ., find usages work for frameworks (prado, symfony) eval/impl.
P4 Allow to set different color for string in "" and 141435
P4 Improve handling comments through more languages 143120
P5 HTML code completion inside string 141097
P5 Code completion for Regualar expressions in a string in well known functions

Priority Project specific features and improvements Issues Current State Comment
P2 Alter PHP project to allow to extends with a framework - based on the framework requirements 150083
P3 Provide support for SFTP 150690 ready for M1
P3 Provide class hierarchy window. 139698
P3 ability to upload php file to web server upon save in editor (reflecting local changes to the remote fs) 131575 done
P4 Parse output from php interpreter - applicable only for Script Run Configuration 146928 done
P4 Provide call hieratchy window

Priority Debugger specific features and improvements Issues Current State Comment
P2 Provide a mechanism to find problems with connecting to the debugger 146937
P2 Debugging for frameworks like (prado, symfony), eval/test
P2 Debugging for unit tests eval/test done
P2 NetBeans should notify when the breakpoint is hit 150680
P3 Start debug session without calling file in browser 146401 done
P4 Reusing xdebugger for profiling (UI)
P4 Implement conditional breakpoints 132066
P5 Code completion for new watch, expression in conditional breakpoint ... 139394

Priority Requests for other teams Issues Current State Comment
P2 Display elements from extended class in the navigator 150084
P2 Provide functionality export / import of code templates 150266
P2 Startup regression: org.netbeans.modules.php.project.PhpMimeResolver 142760 done for M1
P2 Missing Go To Symbol implementation in Quick Search 150682
P2 Provide ui for registering and exploring FTP, SFTP and other remote filesystems [150692

/show_bug.cgi?id=150692] | |

P2 Provide good Eclipse shurtcut
P2 Provide reusable ui and api for Unit testing features done

Open Isues

  • handle *.tpl files in different way for various frameworks (own impl. of DataObject?)

Specs and One pagers

Symfony Support

PHP Development Plan for NetBeans 6.5

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