NetBeans PHP plan for 6.8

Author: RadekMatous



two milestones M1 and M2

Variants, time estimates

Tasks are not decomposed into fine grain subtasks, thus time is very rough estimate and often contains additional time for further evaluation. More accurate planning would need/deserve more evaluation.


P1 - must have feature, task
P2 - usually known, wanted feature, already requested by many users
P3 - would be very nice to have
P4 - others ideas


PersonA (M1-M2) editor/refacoring
PersonB (M1-M2) editor/refacoring
PersonC (M1-M2) project

Optimal Variant</span>
  • (Lang) up-to-date with the latest PHP 5.3 1
  • (Edit) other advanced code editing features
  • (Sym) Symfony framework support 2
  • (Ftp) FTP support
  • (Browser) integrate Embedded Browser</span>
  • (PHPUnit) PHPUnit improvements

Minimal Variant

The same as Optimal Variant except the latest PHP 5.3 support won't be finished in 6.8 but in the next release (2 release cycle). The reason is too short 2 milestones release cycle.
Planned to start with Optimal Variant and switch to Minamal Variant if necessary at latest until M1.</span>

; )

Status annotation for individual tasks

  • implemented
  • in progress for M2
  • dropped
  • won't be implemented for 6.8

Individual tasks

up-to-date with the latest PHP 5.3

  • Lang1(P2, PersonA, M1, 3-5W) PHP Parser, Coloring Lexer, AST Builder (more)
  • Lang2(P2, PersonA|B, M2, 2-4W) editor features especially: Navigator, CodeFolding, CodeCompletion, Navigation, FindUsages (more)

Symfony framework support

  • Sym1(P2, PersonC, M1, 1-2W) Create new PHP application with Symfony (more)
  • Sym2(P2, PersonC, M1, 2-3W) support for framework commands
  • Sym2(P3, PersonC, M1, 2-3W) editor support for Symfony

FTP support

  • Ftp1(P2, PersonC, M2, 4-8D) New project wizard "PHP Application with FTP Sources" (more)
  • Ftp2(P3, PersonC, M2, 1-2W) color rendering of files(Created, Modified, Deleted) during confirmation

integrate Embedded Browser

  • Browser1(P2, PersonC) TBD depends on core impl./API

PHPUnit improvements

  • PHPUnit1(P3, PersonC) custom configuration, bootstrap, testsuite (more)

other advanced code editing features

  • Edit1(P3, PersonB, M1, 1-2W) implement/override methods
  • Edit2(P3, PersonB, M1, 3-6D) show inherited class members in navigator
  • Edit3(P3</div>, PersonB, M1, 2-4D) quickfix generate @property "Magic" Property of a class
  • Edit4(P3</div>, PersonB, M2, 7-13D) surround with|extract code - selection hints
  • Edit5(P3</div>, PersonA|B, M2, 2-3W) rename refactoring
  • Edit6(P2, PersonA|B, M2, 2-3W) stabilize the formatting and indentation area

#1PHP 5.3
#2 Symfony Support

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