PHP Sanity Testing Before M1 Feature Freeze

Sanity testing is suggested before NB6.1 M1 Feature Freeze.


3 days sanity: 2008-01-09 - 2008-01-11

Main NB6.1 M1 testing is planned after M1 Feature Freeze (2008-01-14)

PHP Module for NetBeans 6.1 Schedule.

The Goal

The goal of suggested Sanity testing is to find regressions caused by:

  • Changes in other NetBeans modules (Schlieman, GSF)
  • Solving these problems is time-consuming.
  • Possible updates in PHP Model

Areas Suggested for Testing

  • Editor
  • Navigator
  • File creation/opening
  • Project creation/opening

NOT The Goal

What is NOT the goal of this testing:

  • Full testing of
  • NetBeans PHP Project
  • Servers integration
  • SAMP dependencies testing
  • Multiple platform testing
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