The NetBeans IDE for PHP supports Web development based on PHP.

The NetBeans IDE for PHP is an open source project. It is one of the series of supports for scripting languagesprovided by the NetBeans IDE. The NetBeans IDE for PHP is intended to provide a comfortable environment for a developer at each stage of a PHP project. This is achieved through integrating PHP development specific features into the NetBeans IDE.

File:NetBeans IDE for PHP - Editor.

Major Features

  • Project. The NetBeans IDE for PHP establishes a special project type - a PHP Project, and enables creating and supporting such projects in the NetBeans IDE. The PHP Project can be configured to fit both the current development environment and the developer's needs. .
  • Editing. This major feature consolidates a set of features that a developer can access while doing PHP coding. The NetBeans IDE for PHP extends the NetBeans IDE source code editing abilities within the scope of a PHP Project. For more detailed information on the PHP Plugin editor, see Features of Editing PHP Sources.
  • Deploying. This set of features is planned to enable synchronizing the content of a PHP Project with the Web content on a remote server. The feature is not supported in the Early Access version.
  • Run. These features enable starting PHP processing. PHP scripts are used in a number of main areas.
  • Debug. The PHP Plugin provides the ability to debug PHP scripts. For details, see: Debugging PHP Projects

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