Outline Move Into Navigator

This document describes the status of the possible move of the outline functionality into the navigator window.


Currently the move itself is technicaly prepared in the oultline. Actually it was even performed in the past, but due the outstanding UI issues, it was backed up. The outstanding issues comes from the different context implementation of the navigator window then the current outline window, which dramaticaly affects the user experience comparing to the current outline window.

Outstanding Issues

Because of this when selected other window that the designer the navigator window containing outline would go blank, which is very different from the current behaviour. User would be able to access the outline window only when the active window is the designer.

This issue would prevent the DnD functionality whitin the outline once moved into navigator window. It is one of the behaviour it allows user for some cases easier to order particular components.

This issue prevents the other windows like properties or dynamic help to react on changes of nodes in the outline inside navigator window. This also prevents one of the usual work flow of the visual web pack users.


There needs to be UI decision taken, whether the navigator has to undergo certain changes (i.e. fix the above issues) or if it is OK for the outline to loose the above corresponding functionality.

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