Out-of-the-Box Versionability

Issue #89629

A set of issues surrounding the problems that arise when you want to share one or NetBeans projects with other developers, either in a version control system (VCS) or by other means.

Status: under investigation. Limited functionality under consideration for NB 6.1.



  • No warning about use of unsharable paths/references

Should be some GUI.

  • Poor error messages for a build without references

Ant scripts give no message until compilation failure.

  • Relative paths too eager

../../../../Windows/Documents and Files/etc No way to configure a different root. No guessing based on VCS roots etc.

  • Libraries as classpath entries

(Contain 1+ JARs, maybe source/Javadoc.) Referenced by name, so global libs broken when project opened in a new userdir. See issue #44035.

  • IDE-provided Ant tasks

Actually implemented as libraries. (Ought to be hidden.)

  • Raw JAR (or folder) classpath entry

Uses relative path when possible. (Bug in current impl: also adds absolute path.) No easy way to associate source/Javadoc today. (Could prompt user on demand?)

  • Other raw file used in project

Similar to raw JAR.

  • Subproject

Similar to raw JAR, not source availability issue.

  • Java platform

Referenced by name. But less of an issue; OK to fall back to "default platform". (j2seproject does not do this yet.)

  • NetBeans platform

Similar to Java platform.

  • Java EE platform

No sensible default Java EE platform when building. Potentially two items: location of server (for deployment or in-server tests); compilation classpath (currently taken from real server). Still TBD how to handle - may need multiple models. Legal problems with bundling JARs in projects (for J2EE 1.4).

  • Java ME

Java ME platform similar to regular Java platform. No reasonable default. Extensions either inside platform, or as normal libraries.

  • Ruby platform


  • Remote standard libraries

Maven dependencies from e.g. ibiblio.org. Works fine the way it is.

  • Upgrade of IDE-bundled libraries

If libs are copied to project, people will miss upgrades to IDE-bundled libs. Could perhaps prompt user to upgrade copy when new IDE is installed. Not good to do this automatically.

  • IDE-generated Ant scripts

Currently generated to project. "Seesaw" effect when using different IDE versions on same project. Should perhaps be handled like bundled libraries. Sharing between projects breaks build extensibility and XSLT transforms of project.xml.


UI Proposal


Collocation & managing absolute paths

Kill AlwaysRelativeCollocationQuery! Replace with sensible defaults (for popular VC systems); plus some minimal GUI to configure additional roots. Probably any project folders should also serve as roots.

Permit user.properties.file to be left empty after opening a project?

Need plans for 6.1 and beyond


  1. basic scope of work
  2. ToDoTasksScratchPad
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