Open Issue when IDE is running on JRE only


IDE launcher doesn't require JDK

AFAIK it seems as already works. NetBeans 6.5 IDE launcher doesn't requires JDK. Allow to run on JRE only. For example Dev build of PHP IDE (future 6.5M1) can be running on JRE only.

Notify IDE users some module couldn't be working

If an user launches IDE (Java SE IDE e.g.) on JRE a warning dialog is showing. File:OpenIssuesIdeOnJreOnly/missing-tools-jar OpenIssuesIdeOnJreOnly.png

An user can disable that module, or exit launching IDE and run again IDE with full JDK.

When an user chooses Disable and Continue another dialog pops up. File:OpenIssuesIdeOnJreOnly/missing-tools-jar-2 OpenIssuesIdeOnJreOnly.png

and informs user what other modules cannot be loaded. These both dialog should be put together for better users experience (issue #136354 (Done)).

Problem: If an user chooses Disable and Continue option then there is no simple way how to enable that module again when s/he is running IDE with full JDK.

Possible solutions:

  1. Enhance Module System to mark such modules as auto-disabled and make the module installer to try loading such modules again on next start of IDE
  • A new attribute into Module Status DTD e.g.
    disabled_by_module_system: [[False| true]]
  • The module installer could try to load again modules with that attribute on next run of IDE. In such case the module is in disabled_by_module_system: true the installer won't warn users again.
  • Tracked as issue #136361
  1. Use Missing Module Resolver capability to enable such modules when all required dependencies can be satisfied, i.e. when an user is running IDE with full JDK, the resolver will signal user that these modules can be enabled again
  • The Module Resolver could read
    disabled_by_module_system: [[False| true]]
    attribute to detect the right set of affected modules which can be enabled once full JDK allows.

AutoUpdate should warn IDE users when installing JDK demanding plugins

Current Autoupdate (NB6.1 or older) doesn't care about sort of OpenIDE-Module-Package-Dependencies dependencies which could be handful for allow the modules to declare requiring some JDK packages. OpenIDE-Module-Package-Dependencies manifest attribute is part of autoupdate-catalog-2_5.dtd and Autoupdate Services should start to handle that.

Tracked as issue #136269 (Done)

Using this patch IDE users won't be allowed to install plugins demanding full JDK when are running JRE only.

Prepare a guidebook for users who get into troubles on JRE

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