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Project project netigso embedds Felix OSGi container to enable the use of OSGi bundles in NetBeans. Currently to use bundles in the project you can either create new ones using a Wizard, or use an ANT task to convert them into bundles. This creates the xml files to register them as autoload modules to the system. Afterwards the user needs to change the xml manually to change their type to regular, if the Activator should be invoked. To make the import more comfortable a wizard or UI for importing existing bundles would be beneficial. The purpose of this page is to discuss such a UI.


Ability to import a set of modules/bundles into a suite as libraries even if they are not packaged correctly as a NetBeans cluster.


User opens Suites customizer, goes to Libraries node and

  • a) chooses Add Cluster...

and selects root directory that shall be imported. Systems either recognizes the directory as cluster, or it offers scan and import of modules inside. It then presents a table where the user can change their mode from autoload to eager or regular, or even exclude some modules. Then the user can finish the import by generating necessary files (config/Modules and update_tracking) and the cluster is imported.

ScreenShot Art

Choose Add Cluster as usually:


Select a directory (which is not real cluster, but contains for example glassfish JARs):


The system asks you whether to import or not:


If you proceed to next step, you can browse tree structure of available JARs and select some of them and their roles (eager, autoload, enabled). It is expected that a user will enable whole subtree, thus choosing the status on a folder, changes the status on all subfiles in its tree:


Then you can proceed to summary page, choose finish, wait while the system generates the configuration files and use the cluster in your NetBeans Platform application.

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