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A lot of us might have ideas about the plugins we need and can use and those that will make Netbeans more acceptable but not all of us might have enough time at hand to develop those ourselves. This page intended to created so that plugin developers can share their ideas for new plugins. So, people who do have a bit of time at hand are looking for ideas can pick them up from here. If you do endup picking some thing from here, please edit the idea to convert it into a link that redirects to the plugin page.

What can you do in this document ?

  • If you have new ideas (please verify that a solution doesn't exist already) please add those to this document.
  • If you want to pick one of the Ideas form here and develop a plugin, Edit the document and change the name of the idea to point to your plugin page and add your first name below the plugin idea description. That way anybody who wants to help can get in touch with you.


  • SVG Viewer

Syntax highlighting is already taken care of as svg is just XML. This plugin should provide a new TopComponent that will allow the user to view the svg image while editing it in the editor. Zooming and panning should add sweetness to the plugin.

  • Markdown viewer.

The plugin should provide a new TopComponent that will visualize the markdown. Should have syntax highlighting.

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